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We bring to book design and layout an editor's understanding of the importance of clear communication and synergy between the meaning of the text and the look of the page.


Leonard Cronin, one of Laurel Cohn's clients

Leonard Cronin
Cronin's Key Guide Series
Allen & Unwin



'Laurel Cohn's expertise took my books from raw text and illustrations to print-ready PDF files.The process was glitch-free, saving time and money and making my publisher very happy.'


Book and Document Design and Layout


Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format and sequence of the various components of your publication into a coherent whole. A professional book design is easy to read and easy to follow, honouring the writer's intention and making the most of the material at hand.

The way text appears in print or on the screen — the layout — plays an important role in how information, ideas and stories are communicated. Different types of text and narratives require different types of layouts.

You may have a strong idea of what you want on the cover of your book, or you may be open to suggestions. Let us work with you to produce a cover design that lifts your publication above the crowd.


We have extensive experience in the typesetting and layout of books, e-books, newsletters and brochures, using text only or incorporating text, photographs, artwork and graphic elements into highly illustrated publications.

We use industry standard Adobe software (Creative Suite) and are able to produce files in a range of formats appropriate to print and online publication.


Pre-press refers to the exacting processes and procedures required to convert the layout into a digital form that conforms to the printer's specifications. This includes managing files and fonts to make sure they are in the correct format and translated into PDFX1a files ready to be uploaded to the printer.

With our experience preparing print materials for publishers in Australia and South East Asia, we are aware of the issues that need to be attended to in the layout and design processes to ensure the final publication meets the client's expectations.