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'Laurel has taught for Writing NSW for a number of years. Her courses are always popular and receive enthusiastic feedback from participants who note her expertise, clarity, and engaging teaching style. Laurel’s professionalism makes her a pleasure to work with.'

Ashley Kalagian Blunt
Program Officer
Writing NSW

'I thought your workshop was one of the most valuable I have been to so far at the NSW Writer’s Centre. It was well structured and from the perspective of theory and scope there was a high correlation of relevance to where I am in my writers journey.  I particularly appreciate the tools and strategies you provided to allow us to critique our own work and that of others.  Thanks to YOU – I feel empowered to take more focussed steps, look back and see what impression they made rather than furtively tip toeing  around my creative efforts.'
Melody Braithwaite

'I wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your recent workshop on Writing a Synopsis. I have made dozens of attempts at nailing a good synopsis over a long period of time, and while my own efforts usually evolved things a little here and there, your expertise helped me take what is a very tricky document to an entirely new level literally overnight.'
Stephen Greenall

'The friendly, relaxed feel of the workshop with a mix of group and individual writing tasks were fun and thought-provoking.' Carolyn Pickering



Writing and Editing Workshops and Seminars

Laurel Cohn is a popular presenter of workshops and seminars on writing and publishing. Topics include structural editing, synopsis writing, pitching to publishers, story structure, the development phase and revision.

Laurel Cohn is a regular presenter at:
Writing NSW (formerly NSW Writers' Centre)
Byron Writers Festival (formerly Northern Rivers Writers Centre)
Queensland Writers Centre
Writers Victoria
Society of Women Writers (NSW)

She has also presented workshops and seminars for:
Australian Society of Authors; Australian Writers Marketplace; Bellingen Writers' Festival; Coffs Harbour Writers Association; Gold Coast Writers' Festival; Hunter Writers Centre; Singleton Library

If you are interested in inviting Laurel Cohn to your centre, organisation or group, please contact us.


23 Feb: Understanding Story Structure
Byron Writers Festival (Byron Bay)

10 March: Cooking up a Synopsis
Queensland Writers' Centre (Brisbane)

18–19 May: Pitch and Synopsis Writing
Grassroots Writers Weekend (Coffs Harbour)
Coffs Harbour Writers Association

1 June: Understanding Story Structure
Hunter Writers' Centre (Newcastle)

2 June: Understanding Story Structure
Writing NSW (Sydney)

4 June: The Development Phase
Society of Women Writers (Sydney)

22 June: Surviving the Development Phase
Queensland Writers' Centre (Brisbane)

29 July: Surviving the Development Phase
Byron Writers Festival (Byron Bay)

19 Oct, 9 Nov, 30 Nov: 3-day Structural Editing for Writers
Byron Writers Festival (Byron Bay)

26 Oct: Pitches, Blurbs and Synopses, Oh My!
Writers Victoria (Melbourne)

27 Oct: Structural Editing for Writers
Writers Victoria (Melbourne)

16 Nov: Cooking up a Synopsis
Writing NSW (Sydney)

Feedback from Structural Editing for Writers, Writers Victoria 2018:

'Excellent presentation of the elements that make up a structural edit.  Explanations and examples were specific and helpful. The best workshop I have attended here – and I’ve been to quite a few over the years.'

'Laurel was so well prepared – great techniques for looking at the ‘big picture’ not the minutiae of what is on the page, and inspiring. One of the best workshops I have attended. Thank you!'

'Really practical. Ran to time – not a wasted minute. The mixture of discussion, group work and the lecture really worked.'

'Detailed, informative on point and great tips and motivation. Thanks Laurel. A lot of these courses waste lots of time but this was wonderfully focussed.  I loved this course, would have loved a more extended version of it – two days for example.'

'Good balance and practical. Tailored to different writing projects and questions; excellent presenter with great advice and depth of knowledge. Thank you, I really enjoyed the session and feel inspired to get back into editing!'

Feedback from Cooking up a Synopsis, Queensland Writers Centre 2019:

'Laurel Cohn dished up Cooking Up A Synopsis with a well-honed repertoire of skill and a deft hand for editing and encouraging emerging writers.'

'This workshop was really helpful and has given me a terrific framework to work with in future.'

'I found out what and what not to include in a synopsis and although it's challenging, I no longer feel confused by the requirements.'